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Exploring Possible Career Options

Although a student’s career choice sets the foundation for their future, keep in mind that the major and/or career decision made while in high school is not necessarily a final one.  In fact, the average student changes majors twice during their college years.

It is important, however, for a student to narrow their choices before beginning the college search and selection process.  S
pending as much time as possible while in high school exploring career options is vital.  It’s much easier to make changes and adjustments in high school rather than after they start college.

As part of eCollegePro, the student has unlimited access to Naviance, which is today’s most sophisticated career exploration platform.  With Naviance the student is able to learn about themselves while identifying careers that match their interests and strengths.  Students can even watch videos of industry leaders talking about how they reached their goals in the Roadtrip Nation Interview Archive.  Career exploration with Naviance can help develop long-term goals, and better understand how to get there.

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Finding the Perfect College

Beginning the college search and selection process early in high school at a gradual pace provides students with much more time to gather and evaluate data and ultimately make the most informed decision.

With eCollegePro, the student is able to blend their career options with the Naviance College Research Platform to see the most accurate and time-saving results.  Some 
parameters considered:

  • Enrollment size
  • Type of institution
  • College rankings
  • SAT / ACT average scores for admitted students
  • College setting
  • Geographic location
  • Majors offered and courses available
  • Campus / university life

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Pre-Admission Testing

Most colleges require either the ACT, SAT or both as a pre-requisite for admission. These two tests are designed to measure the student’s aptitude for college-level work, along with the student’s subject achievements.

As an eCollegePro client, you have
unlimited access to personalized online test prep courses for all three major exams:  PSAT, SAT, & ACT.


With Naviance Test Prep, you have the opportunity to take an initial test, enter your testing date, and then a personalized course will be generated to help ensure you get the most from your study efforts.  Naviance Test Prep will even adjust as you go to keep the course focus where it is needed the most.


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Funding Your Higher Education

Colleges obviously determine who is admitted and more-importantly how much each student / family pays.  College is essential and expensive, but most of all college is a business.  Colleges actually have two prices – their advertised sticker price and their special discounted price.  Their goal – get the student to attend and get Mom and Dad to pay as much as possible.  May sound harsh, but it is exactly how it works.

That’s the bad news; the good news is you have options!

With eCollegePro, you are provided with personalized guidance that is specific to your student, your family, and your current financial situation.  Through our family-friendly timeline, dashboards, and reporting tools, all of the major tasks along the way are easily navigated, including complete details for:

  • Critical Funding Procedures
  • 2 Types & 3 Funding Sources
  • Merit vs. Need-Based Funding
  • FAFSA – Answer Keys
  • CSS/Profile – Answer Keys
  • Student Aid Report (SAR)
  • SAI Options
  • Private Sector Awards
  • Early Decision – Yes / No
  • Student Aid Deadlines
  • Award Letter Evaluations
  • Appeal Strategies / Procedures

Without a proven, structured program like eCollegePro, the process can be confusing, even overwhelming with families being led to believe it’s easy, they can do it on their own, or that the colleges will actually help them.

Real-Time, Personalized Reporting

Unlimited access to real-time personalized reports that include behind-the-scenes methods colleges use to select students and ultimately award funding.  Step-by-step procedures and strategies are included with each report:

  • 40+ page Funding Analysis Report
  • 100+ page Comprehensive College Planning Report
  • Student Aid Index (SAI) Summary & Option Report
  • College ‘True Cost’ (Gross & Net) Comparison Report

All three formulas as well as purchased college admission and funding statistics are included in our proprietary algorithms that make this vital reporting so important to the overall funding process.

Know More and Pay Less

eCollegePro is also packed with even more insight, procedures, helpful hints, pitfalls to avoid, and proven strategies that can not only make a difference when it comes to getting into a better school, but also have a huge impact on what your family pays out of pocket.  Included are:

  • 6 key elements to putting yourself at the front of the line
  • The top 3 things colleges look for in a student
  • The 5 most overlooked aspects of early preparation
  • 6 proven strategies that make your admission apps stand out
  • The 4 absolute must-knows of a college campus visit
  • How to effectively keep your options open (to your advantage)
  • 3 vital keys to understanding the funding process
  • The importance of knowing the real funding formula (bottom line)  
  • 14 steps for parents that will make the entire process much smoother
  • The 11 secrets to using your financial resources wisely

Get the best higher education at the best price with eCollegePro.

dynamic resources you won't find through any other source on the internet, at school, or otherwise ...

ECP is packed with powerful behind-the-scenes procedures, insider secrets, must-know techniques, and a month-by-month integrated timeline, all in one easy-to-use, personalized to your family convenient format.

eCollegePro Family Suite

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